Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial is the signature program that the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) coordinates and hosts with partners Montclair Presbyterian Church and Kehilla Community Synagogue, also both in the San Francisco Bay Area. The three institutions make up the “Faith Trio” initiative.

This exhibition symbolizes our commitment to the arts and interfaith relationship building. It features mainly the work of Bay Area artists and some national and international artists coming together to showcase compelling artwork while furthering interfaith understanding and respect.  Read More

Online Gallery of 2017 Interfaith Art Exhibition

We are honored to announce that the online gallery of 2017 Interfaith Art Exhibition is launched and is ready for visiting. The exhibition displayed about 30 art pieces and projects from collaborating artists and creative groups at the Gallery of ICCNC from December 3, 2017 to February 24, 2018. 

Faith Trio Organizations
Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC): Our mission is to celebrate Islam through art, culture, and education. More
Kehilla Community Synagogue was started in 1984 by people who wanted a synagogue that would be a spiritual home ... More
Montclair Presbyterian Church (MPC) is a family of open hearted, open minded, joyful, imperfect people.  More
Faith Trio: In the decade since the event of September 11, 2001 brought us together, our three congregations (ICCNC, Kehilla, and MPC) gradually formed a Faith Trio. More
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Online Gallery
We are excited to be able to archive, showcase, and share with the general public all the artworks and materials related to the 2013, 2015, and 2017 Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial. We are working to make the online gallery of the 2011 exhibition live soon.
Online Gallery of the 2017 Exhibition
Online Gallery of the 2015 Exhibition
Online Gallery of the 2013 Exhibition
Since 2011
Since 2011 we have witnessed the power of the Interfaith Art Exhibitions to make a strong impact. They attract the attention of a diverse range of Bay Area artists. They draw in more audience members than any other interfaith project we have done, with almost 500 attending the receptions alone, and more visiting during the exhibitions. In 2013, 94% of attendees gave the exhibition a ‘very satisfied’ rating, the highest on our survey, and called it ‘inspiring’ and ‘exceptional.’ They attract volunteers from all ‘Faith Trio’ partners, and bring in a variety of co-sponsors from other organizations, congregations, and faiths. Other outcomes of this exhibition have been:

  • Fostering creativity, respect, and understanding between diverse communities through hosting an interfaith art exhibition
  • Building bridges and providing quality opportunities for communities to gather, and for new audiences to visit ICCNC
  • Fostering artistic dialogue between artists of diverse faiths/culture
  • Countering negative stereotypes and giving people of different faiths and cultures opportunities to get to know each other, work together and appreciate each other, their cultures, faiths and artistic heritages.
Comments by Visitors and Artists
“I am truly moved, my heart has been truly touched, Peace, Shalom, Salam”.
Reflection on the Exhibition Comment Book from a Visitor, 2013 Exhibition
“Perhaps the road to peace is not a roadmap but it is a journey through an exhibition such as THIS. Thank you for the hearts that shine here.” Reflection on the Exhibition Comment Book from a Visitor, 2013 Exhibition

“This was my first experience with interfaith. Here is my feedback: The opening and closing reception along with the exhibition was very well-organized and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.”
Erum Choudhry, 2015 Artist 
“I wanted to thank you for explaining how you and the exhibition committee had arranged the art.  Your explanation was insightful. You went through a lot of work, and we appreciated it.  Your exhibitions in bringing our three faiths together in understanding is so important in the world and yet it is only a seed.  Hopefully it will grow larger in our community.Randy Dixon, 2015 Artist 

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