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The Theme of the 2015 exhibition was “We Are the Bridge” in which we aimed to discover how artists creatively envision themselves, their culture, faith, community, and art being a bridge from conflict to resolution and reconciliation. We acepted artwork that expresses the theme and a commitment to interfaith understanding, coexistence, peace, and cultural dialogue.
On this page you can view the online gallery of the “We Are the Bridge” exhibition based on the alphabetic order of artists' names.
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  1. Farzaneh-Farid-Moayer-image
  2. Erum-Choudhry-Lady-in-red-playing-an-instrument-of-Love-and-Peace-
  3. Farzaneh-Farid-Moayer-image
  4. Elizabeth-Addison-Radical_Acceptance
  5. Lynne-Prather-Circle-5.5x5x2_24-diam.
  6. Lynne-Prather--Field-of-Buddhas
  7. Luis-Garcia--Transmutation
  8. Luis-Garcia-Conscience
  9. Lori-M.-Rillera-the-weaver--the-loom
  10. Lori-M.-Rillera-peace-mirror_27-x-15-copy
  11. Lili-Shidlovski-The-Widower
  12. leili-Estaki-Tile
  13. leili-Estaki-AND
  14. lea-delson-Mission-Dolores-Window-
  15. Kirk-Lumpkin-unnamed
  16. Jaabir-Ahmed-Ahad
  17. Irit-Weir-Persian-women-waiting-for-a-bus
  18. Francesca-Borgatta--tabernacle
  19. Fateme-Montazeri-House-of-Love
Elizabeth Addison
Radical Acceptance      l     38 x 30 x 3, framed
Monoprint     l     $900
Description: “Radical Acceptance” is in response to a life-changing dream in which I encounter an impact crater. The Crater instructed me to seek it out and to differentiate between impact and volcanic events. This led to a pilgrimage to the Crater’s real-life counterpart in the Arizona Desert. At Crater’s rim, my shadow took on a life of its own, drawing me into a germinal artistic and spiritual investigation. Raised by the offspring of Russian Jewish socialists, I constantly investigate my world, interpreting it for myself. Likewise, here, I don’t intend to project content, but let the imagery inform the work.
Erum Choudhry
Lady in red playing an instrument of love and peace
18 X 22    l     Oil     l    N/S
Description: Woman is a sign of peace and love.
Farzaneh Farid Moayer
Love     l    18x18x1
acrylic on canvas     l     $450
Description: (Hafez)
love did not let that stand in the rotating dome

Which will remain confidential assistant at the shrine of the tub that it did not remain in denial

If the screen was out of my heart, thank God, the fault may not be in the screen image

I went inside the center everlasting eternal love forever remain one heard at work
Farzaneh Farid Moayer
Love     l    18x18x1
acrylic on canvas     l     $450
Description: Hafez

“For a day, just for one day,

Talk about that which disturbs no one

And bring some peace into your

Beautiful eyes.”
Fateme Montazeri
House of Love     l     12x17x1
Ink on hand-marbled paper     l     $500
Description: A poem from Hafez, 14-century Persian poet and mystic, integrated with designs of a hand-marbled paper forms this piece of art. The poet sees universal love as the key toward peace and oneness among different faiths. According to the poem, what bridges them all is the fact that everyone, regardless of his/her faith, culture, color, or mood, is looking for the Truth and the Beloved, and everywhere, whether mosque, church, or synagogue, is the House of Love.
I have inscribed the poem verse in Nastaliq calligraphy style, the most famous and dominant calligraphy style in Iran. The hand-marbled paper (Abr o Baad in Persian) is crafted by Master Behzad Ghorbani.

Francesca Borgatta
Tabernacle     l     20x8x2
papier mache assemblage      l       $400
Description: The tabernacle is a sacred text. This tablet is constructed to relay its message in both its materials and physical image. This piece, one of a series of tabernacles made by the artist, imagines a Book of Plants, interweaving dry stalks, pressed flowers and seeds with a collage assembled from plant identification manuals. The walnut chips which form the borders are set so the horizontal grain appears as lines of text. The single eye evokes the consciousness of the plants in a testament of survival and a plea for sensitivity and compassion in regarding the natural world.
Irit Weir
Persian women waiting for a bus.     l     48x48
oli on canvas     l    NFS
Description:  My parents were born in Iran and in 1948 moved to Palestine.  I was born in Israel in 1957.  Being an Israeli I am not allowed to visit Iran.  In this painting I was able to imagine the feeling of being there, sensing and smelling the culture that I long to be part of. 

 The politics of countries dictates limitation and frustration at times is so oppressive and prevents us from living a peaceful and harmonious life with the other.
Jaabir Ahmed
Ahad (One)     l    18X24X1
Acrylics on Canvas     l     $500
Description: Ahad in Arabic means “One”, Allah the One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with God.  Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him.
The painting depicts being one and united across the 7 continents on earth. The most famous bridges portrayed as bridging gaps by connecting one continent to another. On the technical side the light shades (day/night) represents 1(One)‘0’ clock GMT time.
In summary painting represents being one and maintaining peace and harmony.
Kirk Lumpkin
the bridge     l     9  x  11 1/2  x  1
hand-cut silk-screened acrylic on paper     l     $50

Description: It is about making our lives, physically and spiritually, into bridges that connect us to all that is not us.
Lea Delson
Mission Dolores Window     l    25x1
chromogenic color print      l     $700
Description: As a child I feared entering churches or mosques, the structures built for faiths other than the Jewish one I was raised in. I went on a trip with my high school classmates to the magnificent Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and was very moved by the beauty of the interior. In appreciating those who crafted such intricate wonders, I was able to recognize my common humanity with people of other faiths. I was similarly moved by the beauty of light pouring through this window in Mission Dolores in San Francisco.
Leili Estaki
AND     l    9x12
Photography     l    NFS
Description: Human figures are essentially absent in Mosques and in general in Islamic Arts. Instead Muslim artists decorated mosques using calligraphy and colorful tile working. On the other hand human figures and in particular pictures of Virgin Mary are inseparable from Christian arts and churches.

In this piece Leili Estaki uses the letter “و” which in Farsi and Arabic means “AND” to connect an image of a female character, which is representative of Christianity, to an image of tile working, which represents Islamic art
Leili Estaki
Tile    l    15x12x0.25
Tape Transfer on wooden panels   l    $100

Description: In this piece Leili Estaki uses 20 wooden pieces representing multitudes of gods in polytheistic religions. The images printed on each piece, on the other hand, are deeply rooted in middle eastern culture shaped by the monotheistic religion of Islam. Examples of such images are Persian calligraphy, geometric shapes and patterns used in decoration of mosques, pictures of flowers tattooed and embroidered with eastern patterns. These images while different and individual in nature, yet can coexist alongside each other in a harmonious way as do people from different faiths.
Lili Shidlovski
The Widower      l      12x18, matted 20x24x1/2
Archival Digital Photograph      l      NFS
Description: Dot and Joe's sisters were against their marriage (at age 75) because they were of different faiths.  They married nonetheless and I was honored to be part of their family.  Both of them were spiritual and religious people who respected each other’s differences. After 16 years of marriage, Dot died last week.  At 91, Joe walks in strength and sadness the afternoon of her funeral.
Lori M. Rillera
peace mirror     l      15" w x 27" h x 1/2"d
assemblage of wood, cloth, ceramic, glass, paper, ink, & metal.      l     $150
Description: Each one of us can be bridge. The mirror asks us to look within to find the "architect of peace" that Diane Ackerman writes about.
Lori M. Rillera
the weaver & the loom
unframed dimensions: 15 1/2 " w x 11 1/2" h
mixed paper collage    l   $125
Description: I started with Maya Angelou's quote: "We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color."
One thread doesn't make a bridge, but many interwoven threads could. The following quotes support this idea:
"Dare to be the/weaver and the loom, creator
and/creation, sower and the sown.
In a moment of stillness, all that/came before is seen as one."--Danna Faulds
"There is a fabric to life," he told me, "and we all create that fabric together."--John Diener
Luis Garcia
Conscience      l     30" X 30"
Acrylic, Mixed-Media, Canvas      l   $600
Description: There is a saying that “the eye is the portal to the soul”.   The soul, to me, is enigmatic and radiant; it is everything and nothing, everlasting.  The eye is similar to the universe; every iris is unique, like every star.  The eye guides us by allowing us to see light (in its many forms, both negative and positive), it shapes our path, similar to what I think the soul is and does.  The piece titled ‘Conscience’, explores the idea of a relationship between the eye and the soul. 
Luis Garcia
Transmutation      l       30" X 36"
Acrylic, Mixed-Media, Canvas     l       $750
Description: The heart is necessary for so many reasons.  It leads us, helps us live and feels on so many levels, sometimes intensely.  The miracle that is the heart:  it can help us change, transform, grow, it all depends on the direction, and the choices we make.   The piece titled ‘Transmutation’ is a representation of the aforementioned conditions that the heart can possess.  The butterfly and its different stages of development (larvae, chrysalis, adult) seems to me, the best way to visually reflect how the emotional changes of heart can lead us down the many paths, many choices, and many stages that can change us in so many different ways.
Lynne Prather
Field of Buddhas      l      36x24x2
acrylic on canvas     l     $500

Description: When I was trekking in northern India in 1994, the guides stopped along the trail and stacked three rocks to make a chorten, which represented wisdom, compassion, and power. From a distance these rocks appeared to be figures sitting in meditation. Although this painting is a field of Buddhas, it could just as easily be a field of meditators or contemplatives. I believe an understanding of each other comes from sitting in silence—with ourselves, with those we know, and with those we do not know.
Lynne Prather
Circle    l     10 pieces,5.5x5x2 in 24 diameter circle

acrylic, paper, wood, bamboo

50.00 each

Description: When I was trekking in northern India in 1994, the guides stopped along the trail and stacked three rocks to make a chorten, which represented wisdom, compassion, and power. From a distance these rocks appeared to be figures sitting in meditation. In this circle some look inward, some look outward, which is what we must do to relate skillfully with others.
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