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We planned and led five public programs in the course of the 2013 exhibition and in relation to the theme and goals of it. These programs included a mural workshop for children, inter-cultural calligraphy workshop for youth and children, the opening reception ceremony of the exhibition, school visit by MPC, and Artists' Meet and Greet with Music. There was also an interfaith art exhibition inspired by and guided by our exhibition curated at the Marin Jewish Community Center on April 2013.
Opening Reception Ceremony
May 11, 2013
We had a very huge opening reception ceremony at ICCNC with over 500 visitors from all faiths and cultures gathering and celeberating their common grounds through arts.
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To view more of the photos of the 2013 reception ceremony and artworks please visit Lea Delson's beautiful gallery HERE.
Mural Workshop
With Miranda Bergman and Arash Shirinbab
April 20, 2013
We had over 10 children and youth ages 9 - 15 participating at this workshop from different faith backgrounds. Our goal was to support them to get connected to each other through making a collaborative art piece.
Under the guidance of muralist Miranda Bergman the participants came with a word or phrase that was sacred to them, then painted and decorated it collaboratively with other children on large scale canvases.
Participants: Fateme Novin, Mehrnaz Rezaei, Tannaz Eghtesad, Golnaz Eghtesad, Mehdi Heydari, Chloe Levenson-Cupp, Amir Thanh, Hirad  Khorramian, Abdullah Qazen, Tariq Qazen, Tara Dekkinga, Hadiay Bayat, Saba Parvizian, Zara Kazi,  
Assistants: Neda Kazemi, Rubina Kazi, Arash Shirinbab, Jyasmine Thanh, Maliha Qazen
About Miranda Bergman: She has been a muralist and arts educator for over thirty-five years. She teaches visual arts and mural painting to many constituencies, and directs international mural projects.
Inter-cultural Calligraphy Workshop
With Zubair Simab, Arash Shirinbab, and Alex Madonik
May 11, 2013

We had over 10 children and youth ages 9 - 15 participating at this workshop from different faith backgrounds. Our goal was to support them to get connected to each other through practicing the art of calligraphy from various faith and cultures.

Under the guidance of Zubair, Arash, and Alex, participants got a chance to veiw Islamic, Hebrew, and English calligraphy and could get a chance to practice some words in three different calligraphy traditions.
School Visit by MPC
May 27, 2013
Several members of the MPC's school attended and viewed the exhibition along with a guided tour by Arash Shirinbab and their teacher. After the visit, they gathered and reflected upon their intake from the exhibition and the impression they got from the art of the faiths other than theirs. They also recited some prayers in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Artists' Meet and Greet Ceremony with Music
June 7, 2013
Artist and member of community met at this event, had food and conversation and listened to interfaith music.
Interfaith Art Exhibition at the Marin Jewish Community Center
April, 2014
The Osher Marin JCC’s opening of “Sacred Words: Finding Common Ground” last month drew 200 people, including some of the Muslim artists who are part of the exhibit showcasing work by 20 Muslims, Jews and Christians. Joanne Greene, director of the JCC’s Center for Jewish Peoplehood, the exhibit sponsor, writes, “Shortly before the opening, a few Muslim women asked for a quiet place to pray. I asked if they’d ever been inside of a synagogue and their eyes opened wide. They said they’d love to pray in a Jewish holy place and I took them into the sanctuary of Congregation Rodef Sholom. I opened the ark and took out a Torah and they approached it with great reverence, asking excellent questions. Then, I returned the Torah to the ark and the women spread their prayer rug onto the sanctuary floor to pray.” The exhibit is up through April 7.
Feb. 20, 2014
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