Dear All,
I would like to congratulate all members involved for continuing to put out such exhibitions to bring all together. For several years I have been working through my artwork to interconnect the whole humanity. And when I see so many artists working towards it, gives me more energy and confidence that art is going to achieve what lectures and sermons cannot achieve. Let us keep striving harder and thank you all again. I feel blessed to be part of this community. I revisited the show last week and rediscovered a lot of beauty and truth again. Salma Arastu, 2013

Thank you for all your hard work on this most interesting event! I think it was a most meaningful experience for those of us artists who participated, and from my perspective on opening night, it seemed to be meaningful for the viewers. Jane Brenner, 2013 Artist

Let me first say that I was very moved by the exhibit. I enjoyed the fluidity of the layout - old imagery mixed with new, all faiths intermingling, it brought home the sense of spirituality -- and, most importantly to me, deep spiritual questioning and understanding at a very personal level -- being a common experience that transcends borders of ethnicity, race, background, language, and even eras of history. The Hebrew text cut out of the huge scroll falling onto the floor particularly stood out to me with its scale and elegance, silently making a statement about the importance of the Word but also the importance of words not being confined to their literal, static, written meanings. I also loved the two paintings by the artist Naomi Teplow. They too emphasized a living, breathing faith, and the skillful detail in which they were so lovingly created moved me so. Thank you for including my piece among such a rich, thoughtful and sincere collection. I am very grateful for the opportunity to show my piece in such a beautiful space. Sanaa Khan, 2013 Artist

Just went to the interfaith art exhibit and wanted to say a big congrats and mazel tov to all of the amazing artists who have pieces in the show. It was inspiring and hopeful, and I am thrilled to see the artwork of many of you that I know - beautiful! Debbie Fier, Kehilla Community Synagogue, 2013

I really liked the exhibit, particularly the sculptural installations near the windows. Neat stuff. I liked the combinations of word and language, incorporated in the visual art pieces plus the poetry.  The big scroll was stunning, and the hanging works and written works. Beck Cowles, visitor, 2013

This is a final THANK YOU to you all for all the amazing heart, soul and sweat that went into organizing the "Finding Common Ground through Sacred Text" exhibition!  Some attendees called it 'inspiring,' 'illuminating,' and 'exceptional.'  Many artists were similarly 'inspired,' and 'grateful,' 'impressed' and 'blessed.' The receptions were wonderful opportunities to gather and learn. As someone who's worked hard on the art and culture programs at ICCNC this year, I can say this show was a wonderful way to end our season and a great way to continue the interfaith connections that have been seeded by the congregations and communities. Raeshma Razvi, Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, 2013